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Vacation.. Holiday? have a trip to Sicily, we can help planning your vacations with tips and ideas…..
you are looking for holiday dwelling, vacation apartment, accommodations in Sicily, private apartment, room, B&B, Hotel, Pension in Sicily, in Terrasini, near Palermo, in Weinheim.. some of our websites are not translated in English, if you have some question contact us directly 

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Casa Ulla e Gino in Sicily, in Terrasini near Palermo.
Here is the ideal starting point for a vacation, that you can create by yourself. Being in a foreign country without being a stranger. We have some tips for you, that you cannot find in official tourist guides.


SICILIA - Ferien - Urlaub - Holidays - Vacanze - SIZILIEN
 SIZILIEN - Insel der 1000 Farben und der 100 Gesichter - SICILY
SICILY - Island of 1000 colours and 100 faces - SICILIA

Sizilien, Ätna, Mount Etna, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien, Ferienwohnung in Terrasini Sizilien als Ausgangspunkt um Sizilien zu erleben und zu entdecken, Ferienwohnung Casa Ulla und Gino, komfortabel und gemütlich eingerichtet dass es Ihnen an nichts fehlt, private Unterkunft für einen Urlaub ohne Stress
Der Ätna
Mount Etna
Sizilien, Segesta, Tempel, Geschichte, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien, Ferienwohnung in Terrasini, Ferienwohnung bei Ulla und Gino, der ideale Ausgangspunkt für Ausflüge oder eine Rundreise durch Sizilien, komfortable Ferienwohnung zentral und ruhig gelegen, nahe der Piazza von Terrasini und nahe dem Sandstrand, günstig für Familien mit Kindern, Urlaub den Sie selbst gestalten in der Fremde sich daheim fühlen, Tips die Sie in keinem Reiseführer finden
Herbst in Sizilien, Sizilien mit all seinen Farben erleben, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien, Ferienwohnung in Terrasini, nahe Palermo, nahe Flughafen Palermo, idealer Ausangspunkt für Rundreisen durch Sizilien, Ferienwohnung bei Ulla und Gino, zentral, komfortabel, günstig, gemütlich,
Sizilien, Salinen bei Trapani, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien, Ferienwohnung in Terrasini, Ferienwohnung bei Ulla e Gino, komfortabel eingerichtete Ferienwohnung  in Sizilien als Ausgangspunkt für Rundreisen durch Sizilien, Urlaub den Sie selbst gestalten, günstige Basis ist die private Unterkunft in Terrasini bei Ulla und Gino
Sizilien, Ätna, Mount Etna, Etna, Sizilien erleben, Sizilien entdecken, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien, private Unterkunft, Bed u. Breakfast, Pension, Ferienwohnung in Terrasini, Ausgangspunkt für Rundreisen, Ferienwohnung bei Ulla u.Gino in Terrasini, komfortable und gemütliche private Unterkunft in Sizilien
Sizilien, Naturpark, 100 Gesichter einer Insel, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien als Ausgangspunkt für Rundreisen, Ferienwohnung in Terrasini, Ferienwohnung, private Unterkunft, Bed u.Breakfast, Ferienappartement bei Ulla e Gino in Terrasini am Golf von Castellammare, komfortabel, gemütlich, günstig, ideal für Familien mit Kleinkindern
National Park
Sizilien, die alten Märkte, pulsierendes Leben, Farben einer Insel, Palermo die Hauptstadt von Sizilien erleben, Flair einer Stadt mit Gegensätzen, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien um einen Urlaub selbst zu gestalten, Ferienwohnung in Terrasini, Ferienwohnung bei Ulla und Gino, Ausgangspunkt für Rundreisen, Auslfüge, erkunden und entdecken ohne Stress, mit vielen Tipps die Sie in keinem Reiseführer finden
Sizilien,Terrasini, nahe Flughafen Palermo, ein Fischerort am Golf von Castellammare, Ferienwohnung in Sizilien, Ferienwohnung, Appartement, private Unterkunft in Terrasini Sizilien bei Ulla und Gino, die ideale Basis um einen Ulaub selbst zu gestalten, Rundreisen und Ausflüge in Sizilien, Tipps die wir Ihnen persönlich geben können, Erlebnis und Relax mit einer Ferienwohnung komfortabel und gemütlich, günstig für Familien mit Kindern

Sizilien  Ferienwohnung  in Terrasini
bei Palermo

3 Zimmerwohnung mit großer Wohnküche die komplett ausgestattet ist mit allem, was Sie für einen angenehmen Urlaub benötigen....

Holiday  accommodation  in Terrasini
near Palermo

3 comfortable rooms including a large kitchen cum living room completely furnished to have a very pleasant vacation here in Sicily....
Ulla & Gino Siracusa
Via G. Mazzini 33
90049 Terrasini (PA)

Tel/Fax: 0039 091 8681838
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* We  speak  English *
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Sicilywhere to go what to see
• Sicily Introduction: Sicily is a popular travel destination with a volcano, beaches, mountains, and centuries of history and tradition. You can explore Mount Etna, swim in the sea, or visit Phoenician settlements, Punic cities, Roman amphitheaters, Greek temples, Norman castles and Aragonese churches all on the Italian island of Sicily.

• Sicily Location: Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean, a place where Africa, Italy and Greece come together. Sicily is southwest of the Italian mainland and east of Tunisia.

• Transportation to Sicily: Sicily has two main airports, Palermo in the east and Catania in the west, with flights to and from Italy and other parts of Europe. The main train line takes you to Sicily from the mainland along the coast going south from Rome. Ferries connect Sicily to mainland Italy, Sardinia, Malta, Tunisia, and Egypt. Sicily Know Before You Go.

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• Getting Around Sicily: Busses or trains connect all major cities of Sicily and also go to many small villages. Some of the train routes are very scenic but slow. The narrow gauge Circumetnea railroad circles Mt. Etna stopping at many small villages. There is transportation from both airports to several locations in Sicily.

• Sicilian Festivals: February 5 is St. Agatha’s Feast Day and the huge festival in Catania includes a 2-day procession, said to be the second largest religous procession in the world. Carnevale is celebrated 40 days before Easter, especially in Taormina and Acireale. Holy Week and Ferragosta (Aug 15) are celebrated all over Sicily. In February is the Almond Blossom Festival in Agrigento. Noto holds a flower festival in May.

• Food and Drink Specialties of Sicily: Sicily is famous for its pastries, especially its Easter and Christmas desserts. Sicily has an excellent array of raw materials, including produce and seafood. Fresh fish is often the main course. Citrus fruits and almonds are used in much of Sicily’s cuisine. Pasta with eggplant is common. There is also some North African influence.

• Performing Arts in Sicily: Palermo’s Opera House, Teatro Massimo, is one of Europe’s finest and has year-round performances of opera, ballet, and music. Palermo also holds a performing arts festival in January. During the summer, Taormina’s Greek Theater holds theater, opera, movie, and music performances. Siracusa holds its famous puppet shows in the Teatro dell’opera dei Puppi.

• Sicily Attractions :

has an outstanding complex of Greek temples, the Valley of the Temples, not to be missed. Its medieval center, with Arab and Norman influences, is also worth exploring. Agrigento lies along a ridge on the southwest coast.

Cefalu is a popular seaside town east of Palermo with beautiful beaches and scenery, museums, and historical monuments. The 12th century cathedral is beautiful. From the top of La Rocca, there are great views of the city and second-century BC Temple of Diana.

Enna, 1000 meters high, is noted for its fantastic views of the mountains, including Mount Etna. Enna is a fortress town with ruins of its 13th century castle. Erice is a beautiful little medieval town perched atop a mountain with impressive views. It was once a place where gods were honored. Today it is famous for its pastries. Etna is Europe’s largest live volcano and one of the most active in the world. The lower slopes have walking paths with good views.

• Marsala is the heart of Sicily’s wine-producing region. It also has a Roman archaeological site and museum and a historic quarter.

Palermo is a lively city with a fascinating central market and many historic monuments. Palermo’s Archaeological museum has a good collection of Greek relics.

Segesta is a beautiful setting with some excellent ruins, well worth a visit.

Siracusa, on the southeast coast, has more classical ruins and a Greek theater. Its also a good place for shopping and eating. Siracusa holds a big festival for Santa Lucia Day in December.

Taormina is an attractive holiday resort with a beautiful Greek theater still used for summer performances. Lying on the slopes of Mt. Tauro, it has great views of the coast and Mt. Etna. It also has some exclusive shops.

• Custonaci, a small town near Trapani in Sicily, has an interesting nativity scene re-enacted inside a cave around Christmas. A tiny town was buried in the cave by a landslide in the 1800’s. Now excavated and it serves as a setting for live nativity events. The village is set up to resemble an ancient village with craftspeople and small shops. Il Presepe Vivente di Custonaci - although it’s in Italian there are some great photos on the galleria photo link.