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QQAirport Palermo in Sicily

3 different names for the same airport ...coming to Sicily you can choose between the Airport of Catania or Palermo
to visit the northern side of Sicily you arrive at the
Palermo Airport Falcone-Borsellino situated at the Gulf of Castellammare, about 30 km distance  from Palermo, with a direct connection by bus or train to the
City of Palermo
bee-line to Terrasini about 3 km
the Airport has been enlarged and the work is now finished, so it has become more comfortable to arrive here

many Airlines have cheap and direct flights in Europe --to Palermo--
from London with Ryanair - from Germany with German Wings + Alitalia - and many others
*Vacation in Terrasini
the small village is located between Palermo and Trapani, 34 km west of Palermo, 32 meters above the sea level in the wide and evocative Gulf of Castellammare, in the past, theatre of historical events and sailed by Greek, Phoenician and Roman vessels.

It is a center of tourism, with a population of about 11.000, which triples in the summer months, till now more popular for Sicilians and Italians. Many inhabitants of Palermo have their second house here in this  typical village, picturesque and lively, with a small port for fisherman and two beautiful beaches...

Terrasini probably got it's name because of the coast filled with caverns from Latin "terraesinus". It enjoys a fine position on the coast, bathed by crystal-like waters and closed-in behind by a lofty red cliff which intermittently shelters little beaches and sweet little rocky creeks. Among its monuments we count the sumptuous Cathedral Church that comes back to 1700 and some towers typical of the XVIII century like Mulinazzo's, Alba's, and the Torre Capo rama. In the little town we can find an important Civic Museum which is divided into three sections naturalistic, archaeological and ethno-anthropologic…

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